Fanda Brych

Music mix and production


Something about Me

I do mixing and music production since 2005. I started as a guitar player in a local band and at that time I became interested in music recording and mixing and I realized that this is what I want to do for rest of my life :)

I wrote some music for my one-man project and I did some remixes. I used to be a keyboard player for a while but now I focus only on music production and mixing. I've build my own studio where I can mix and produce. I also have an experience with live sound engineering which I did for few years in a club.


What I can do for you

I can mix your music. I can help with production and also record vocals and instruments. I can also help you with release your music to the streaming platforms.

  • Mixing

    You can send me your music as an individual tracks or stems and I can do a mix for you. We will discuss the final sound together before I start mixing.

  • Production

    If you have a song and you want to make a sound for it or you just want to help with track that is already produced, this is where production starts. I can invite professional musicians to record some instruments if it's needed.

  • Recording

    I can record vocals, guitars, synths for your song or I can record a whole band.

  • Streaming platforms

    I will help you get the final song to all the streaming platforms (for free) via our Label VIZO Records. Money from streaming will goes to you ofcourse :).


"It's not the gear it's your ear" (Tom Lord Alge, 2018)

My studio is well acoustic treated and I ofcourse use a professional equipment. Grammy award mixing engineer Tom Lord Alge said "It's not the gear it's your ear" and this is what you should have in mind when you work on music and sound. Everything is about people. Gear cannot put an emotion to your song.

  • Monitoring
  • > PSI A21-M Monitors (Main monitors) (Official website)
    > KRK V4 S1 and cheap PC speakers (control monitors)
    > RME ADI-2 FS (High-Precision AD/DA Converter) (Official website)
    > Heritage Audio Baby RAM (monitor controler)

  • Hardware
  • > RME Fireface 400 (audio interface)
    > UAD-2 Sattelite (DSP card)
    > SPL Channel ONE (Channel Strip)
    > Warm Audio WA-47 (microphone)
    > Shure SM-7 (microphone)
    > Ensoniq DP4 Plus (FX unit)
    > Ensoniq ASR-10 Rack (HW Sampler)
    > Ensoniq ASR-10 (HW Sampler)
    > AKAI S3000 with FX Board (HW Sampler/FX unit)
    > Yamaha FB-01 (FM synth module)
    > Ensoniq ESQ-1 (synth)
    > Waldorf Pulse2 (synth)
    > Waldorf Blofeld (synth)
    > Waldorf Streichfetrt (synth)
    > Behringer Crave (synth)
    > Behringer CAT (synth)
    > Ibanez JS 100 (guitar)

  • Software
  • > Cubase 11 Pro
    > Plugin Alliance Plugins
    > UAD Plugins
    > Waves Plugins
    > and more...

My works

Listen what I've mixed and produced

Mixed and produced by me (playlists) | Listen on Youtube | Listen on Spotify

VIZO - I Long 4 U (remix)

(Mixing, recording and producing)

Listen on Spotify

VIZO - Lazy Party ft. Annamaria d´Almeida & Antwi

(Mixing, recording and producing)

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Youtube

VIZO - Sentimental Rambo feat. Chili Ta

(Mixing, recording and producing)

Listen on Spotify
Listen on Youtube


Feel Free to Contact Me

Contact me on Instagram, by mail or by phone.

Where to find me

Czech Republic
252 28

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Mobile: (+420) 737 854 099